Special Projects

Environment Friendly – Leopard Creek

We were contracted by WBHO to do the concrete and cast-in-situ Kerbing at Leopard Creek.

Due to environmental constraints, the Kerbing had to offer minimal impact. This was achieved in 2 ways. On the main access road the 500 mm wide kerb was extruded in such a manner that the only exposed part was a 200 mm wide flat strip.
See drawing 1.

On the interior roads the kerb was extruded in a manner that had a “groove “ in which a brick edge could be placed. See drawing 2.

The whole idea behind the above two kerbs was to have the structural benefit of a kerb, without seeing it. This concept fits in with the pristine nature of the area.

Security- Johannesburg International Airport

Rand Kerbing was contracted to extrude a 1 metre wide plinth around the perimeter of O R Tambo onto which a high tech security fence was placed.

Sasol Secunda

Rand Kerbing was contracted by WBHO to extrude a retaining anchor berm around a sludge dam, thus providing a quick and easy solution to placing the structure on the dam wall.