About Rand Kerbing

Rand Kerbing, a company privately owned by Keith van Heerden, was established in 1985, and consists of two teams that are headed up by Elvice Mogale and Peter Msiza.  Both Elvice and Peter have been part of the Rand Kerbing team since inception, and have completed various on-site and in house training offered by the company to rise to this top management position.

Rand Kerbing has maintained a focus on local development by actively involving as much local labour in our labour-intensive operations as possible.

Our Values

Stronger, faster and more affordable - the core values that set us apart from other Kerbing contractors. The cost of our product has always remained competitive against various Kerbing alternatives. We are proud to offer a product that has stood the test of time and will certainly continue to fulfill an important industry need for the foreseeable future.

Our Projects

The Cast in Situ kerbing offered by Rand Kerbing has been in use in Tshwane since 1985 and has several distinct advantages over the pre cast alternatives. First and foremost being the almost immediate strength ideal in a situation where road and house building operations take place simultaneously. Furthermore, the speed of placement, up to 600 meters per day, greatly assists in the speedy completion of the road works.

How We Work

We mix our own concrete on site making use of Triple J Karoo Batching plants and specially adapted mixer trucks to supply their electronically controlled kerbing machines. These locally adapted kerbing machines place a vibrated homogenous kerb to suit client specifications. The modifications to the mixer trucks include the fitment of a gearbox with a crawler gear and a donkey engine driving the mixer drum so as to enable the truck to crawl in front of the kerb machine and discharge directly into it. A critical aspect of the kerbing is the strength thereof as this determines the quality of the finished product.

The reason the extruded kerb from Rand Kerbing makes good sense is that the added strength, both vertical and horizontal, gained by the continuous extrusion process allows the contractors following after quicker and safer access to the site. Construction joints are cut into the finished product to allow for expansion and contraction and also to make for easy replacement in the case of damage to the kerbs.

Technical Expertise

Due to our 31 years of experience working throughout Southern Africa we have built up a wealth of knowledge regarding local materials and their use in our mix design. Further, because of this experience we can offer advice on the design of Kerbing and the alternatives in various projects.